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Blinc Lash Extensions Tubing Mascara 9 ml / 0.30 fl oz

Safer, Less Harmful, and Gentler on Skin No more irritating, harsh chemicals or difficult makeup remover. When you are ready for removal, the mascara tubes will effortlessly slide off your lashes into your hand when you wash with water. You can even see the tiny tubes in your hand. Leaves behind no tint or residue build-up that could cause irritation. The gentle formula and easy removal mean it is great for people with sensitivities, including those with oily skin. And because blinc does not smudge or smear, eyeglass wearers can be relieved to know that no mascara will be painting their glasses.

Style Brow X Revive7

Style Brow X Revive7 Canada’s first Brow Styling Soap to hit the market combined with the power of Revive7 Brow Serum. Style Brow x Revive7 offers face-framing fluffy brows. Our formula has an instant thickening effect with extra hold for beautifully styled brows all day long.


REVIVE7 Eyelash Revitalizing Serum 5ml

The first Canadian Lash and Brow serums to hit the market in 2012. Revive7 is North America's #1 trusted Lash and Brow Revitalizing Serum since 2012. The name says it all; 7 active ingredients and 7-14 days to start seeing results! Results without harmful ingredients like Bimatoprost, Latanoprost or prostaglandins. Our serum works fast, 100% safe to use and we guarantee you will love your new lashes.


REVIVE7 Brow Revitalizing Serum 5ml

Offers significant results without harmful ingredients Conditions and revitalizes brows within 7-21 days Clinically tested Recommended by dermatologists Made with clean ingredients Grade-A serum Vegan Cruelty-free Made in Canada


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