Collagen induction therapy, also known as microneedling,

The Dermapen is a microneedling device that creates small punctures to the skin promote a healing response that reveals a visible transformation to the treated area.

The small mechanical injury initiates the wound healing process and stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and production of collagen and elastin.

Reveal Your Beautyful Skin.


with the Dermapen

The Auto Micro-Needling High Speed Therapy System is the most secure, hygienic, quick and effective trans-dermal penetration system.

Dermapen has many new advantages over Dermal Rolling including less epidermal damage and pain with faster and better results. A person’s skin complexion is one of the first things we notice

The benefits of micro-needling

"Take care of your skin

and your confidence will take care of itself"

Amit Kalantri

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