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Vascular laser therapy is excellent for eliminating spider veins and small varicose veins. This procedure requires no needles or incisions allowing you to return to normal activities immediately after treatment.

Spider veins on the face or the legs called “Facial Telangiectasia” bother millions of people. These spider veins are red, bluish or purple veins that can result from

Advanced laser technology offers an effective treatment for facial and legs spider veins and also the treatment of unwanted hemangioma’s commonly known as “red ruby spot”.

Enlarged blood vessels, known as benign vascular lesions, appear on the surface of the skin. They may range in color from red to purple or brown. Benign vascular lesions typically result when damaged valves in the vein cause blood to stagnate rather than be pumped back to the heart.

Laser therapy is excellent for eliminating spider veins and small varicose veins.



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This laser has a wavelength that targets hemoglobin or blood. Each vessel is traced with a small spot of laser light travels through the skin and is absorbed by the blood within the vein, on the basis of its colour. As the energy is absorbed by the blood in the vessel, heat is created and the vessel wall is destroyed. The resulting heat coagulates or clots the blood and destroys the function of the vein. Over time, the vein will be absorbed by the body and will disappear from sight.

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