Dermal Rejuvenation

We are excited to offer the INTRAcel.

Intracel takes  RF treatments to a whole new level of performance and comfort by injecting RF directly into the dermis bypassing the skin surface.

INTRAcel delivers outstanding results by offering more power and applications. Combine INTRAcel with IntraGen non-ablative RF for advanced skin therapy, collagen regeneration and tightening without sacrificing comfort, safety or downtime.

In 2003, U Spa was one of the first to incorporate medical needling into her practice in NS, and continues to be on the forefront of this technology.

The superior choice!

Non ablative is gaining traction

There are 2 options for skin resurfacing


While the ablative treatment is much more aggressive and will give results in one session. The downtime is much longer and affects the patient’s decision of undergoing the treatment.

Non Ablative

Non-ablative procedures are often called “lunch-time procedure” and it seems patients prefer undergoing a series of treatments instead of one, if they can continue their daily routine after each treatment.

"Take care of your skin

and your confidence will take care of itself"

Amit Kalantri

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