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Also known as permanent makeup
​In more recent years, permanent color techniques are being widely performed for camouflage therapy ​such as creating illusion.

Maria Perez, has performed procedures for over 25 years. She is currently working with over 4 physicians. She will combine the art of camouflage to creating realistic procedures. Maria will discuss proper colour choices, needle selection, shading, textural creation and techniques to create the illusion of normal skin variances that rely on proper pigment mixing to mimic undertones that help minimize disfigurement.

My goal is to make your experiences the most completely and satisfied. I strive to make each client received the almost tailer and professional experience at each of your visits. Every services is tailor to suit your specific features. Please be caucus as the removal of pigment is difficult, therefor I recommend all clients to be sure of your technician and if you are not sure please shop around for a good technician with experience.

U Spa is pleased to showcase a brief sampling of before and after photos, A Sincere thanks to these beautiful & willing clients! The photos represent a small sampling of our procedures. We have included several before and after pictures.

  • Most of the pictures were taken immediately after the treatment.
  • You may notice a little redness, like a blush, surrounding the application area.
  • This is normal and goes away in a few hours.
  • The glistening skin in some pictures is the result of an ointment applied to soothe the skin and assist in the healing process.

Since Dr. Leif Sigurdson, MD and FRCSC has moved out of province, I am now collaborating with Dr. Steve Morris. Dr. Steve Morris of the QEII Health Science Centre is a renowned plastic surgeon in his field. Some referrals also come from Dr. D. Hayden, Dr. M. Mac Care and Dr. B. Samuel. 

This state of the art procedure has been performed for a variety of make-up enhancements for hundreds of years.  Permanent make-up can offer subtle encouragement and enhancement to clients. In the more recent years, permanent color techniques are being widely performed for camouflage therapy such as creating illusion.

Permanent Eyebrows

The most popular treatment

The correct eyebrow design can take years off a woman’s face. As women mature, eyebrows thin out and even disappear. Natural eyebrows are en vogue. Hair simulation and a soft, powdery effect using feathering (a combination of strokes and powder) are the most commonly selected procedures. The demand has never been greater, and it’s no surprise.

​Eyelash Enhancement

They create a natural frame around the eye, one that is often not naturally present. To create the appearance of this natural frame, one can elect to have permanent lash enhancement. This procedure places color between the eyelashes, creating a soft and natural frame. It’s great for those who wear little eye makeup but also provides a terrific base to add to eye makeup.

Fair blondes benefit profoundly from lash enhancement since their eye- lashes are generally light. Also, women who have makeup allergies or wear eyeglasses are good candidates since both a lack of makeup and the presence of glasses fade the color of the eyes. Lush eyelashes have become a major focus, lighter shades last one to three years, and darker colors last two to five years.

​Lip liner

and lip colour

​Lip liner and lip colour not only defines the existing lip, but it will also augment the size of the lid or camouflage many scars, such as a cleft lip or anyone with a loss of natural lip colour because of the aging process will benefit dramatically from this procedure.
Lips denote youth and it doesn't take an extreme plumping to make clients look younger
Colour is a powerful medium; it’s more than enough to make a difference when combined with re-establishing the perimeters of the vermillion border. What woman wouldn’t like a soft, natural lip colour to remain when she places her napkin down? Having this hint of colour and definition on her lips, where she only has to add a clear or tinted gloss, is a thrill.



Your questions, answered

  • Anyone who desires freedom and convenience from a daily make-up regime. 
  • Men and women who seek correction of asymmetry to facial features, busy people who want to save valuable time.
  • Those who are physically incapable of applying make-up.
  • Entertainers, models and actresses such as Racquel Welch, Elizabeth Taylor, Cher, Dolly Parton and others.  
  • People with allergies to conventional make-up. 
  • Burn and scar survivors with flaws in their skin. 
  • Patients with vitiligo or hypo-pigmentation. 
  • Hairline scars, cleft lip, beauty marks, the visually impaired, and handicapped patients.  
  • Patients after breast reconstruction, in the case of a unilateral mastectomy, micro-pigmentation subtle and diffused perimeters that appear completely natural on bilateral cases and scar camouflage for patients with residual scarring from mastopexy, augmentation or mastectomy.

"Take care of your skin

and your confidence will take care of itself"

Amit Kalantri

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